Take Your Vitamins

While the use of vitamins is not exclusive to Triple Deckers, their importance is magnified as one is about to turn 30.

Many have dabbled in the use vitamins and nutritional supplements at earlier ages, but the time for experimentation ends when one nears 30.  Due to an abundance of research detailing how the human body begins to fall apart at age 30, vitamins have become serious business for anyone who desires to live their post-30 lives to the fullest.
How many letters of the alphabet do I need?  How yellow will this turn my pee?  Is a bigger pill better? Are delicious, gummy bear vitamins acceptable? All of these questions and more may run through the mind of a typical 30 year old as they try to determine what vitamins will give them the best chance to fight the inevitable drought of nutrients that lies ahead.

The hidden benefit of the vitamin years, is that it gives many Triple Deckers a chance to have a second drug-experimentation phase that, in theory, should yield positive results.  That is why one turning 30 should feel no shame in experimenting with some time-released omega acids, downing a whole pack of energy vitamins bought off the impulse rack at 7-11, or even placing an order for a potent organic panacea that airs its commercials Sunday mornings on AM radio.
The only unacceptable vitamin-related behavior is to worry and stress over the correct vitamin choices, as that will accelerate the aging process and further deplete one's body of the nutrients that are essential to life beyond 30.

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